Do you love your company logo? You better, you’re going to look at it every day for years to come – and so is everyone else! In the excitement, planning, chaos and craze that goes on in starting a business, it is important not to overlook your company’s image.

You dress a certain way when you go into the office to portray a certain image. Think of your logo as clothing for your company. Like your choice of clothing in the office, your logo impacts how customers feel about your company. Your logo should portray your company like you want it to be known – serious, playful, technical, elegant – no matter what the characteristics. Your logo should say something about you as a company and what your company’s unique selling points are.

When considering a logo for your company, keep in mind the fundamentals of how logos are used. It can be used large for signage, or very small for business cards or pens. It needs to look great in color, but also in black and white for newspaper advertising, faxes and photocopies.

You can create your own logo, but there are several things you want to keep in mind. Websites that specialize in low-cost images will not license these images for use in a logo, so it will be up to you to create the artwork from a blank canvas. Most business owners don’t have the correct programs to create art work that will be acceptable by a professional printer. Professional printers and most publications cannot use files created by paint and publishing programs that were included when you purchased your computer. A professional designer will create a logo that can be used big or small, in print or on the web, and provide you with all the files you’ll need for future use.

The importance of having a professional designer or advertising agency create your logo cannot be underestimated. Remember that your quality of work and dedication to customer service are only experienced once a prospect has become a customer. A good logo provides the prospect with the feeling that your business is reputable and will do a professional job.

If you’re like many businesses that started out of a spare room, or garage, with little or no money, there’s still time to flex your branding muscle. Maybe, like some past clients, you have a logo, but have no idea where the CD with the files for it is. It’s never too late for a reinvention. With some strategic planning, there may be a way to capitalize on the look you currently have and give it an updated, fresh appeal that you love. Or maybe its time to take advantage of an anniversary celebration or milestone event to launch a completely new look!

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