Pay Per Click Management

We have over 10 years of Search Engine Marketing Experience helping small and medium businesses grow. Our pay per click management outperforms self-management because we have the experience, expertise and devote the time to optimizing your campaigns. Put your company on the top half of the search results page, which is reserved for paid search ads.  You want a simple solution that works and that is what we give you. We handle all aspects of your paid search campaigns, from setup to monthly management optimization.

Google AdWords Pay Per Click Management

Get expert setup and management of your  Google Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns. As a Google Certified Partner for Search, you are in good hands trusting us to set up, optimize and track results from your AdWords campaigns. When your ads appear to searchers, they’ll usually be in the top positions on the search results page. That means your company will be attracting more attention from searchers than even the top organic listings. With Pay-Per-Click, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad to visit your website or call your business.

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Bing Ads Pay Per Click Management

Bing Ads Accredited
Running a campaign a search advertising campaign on Bing Ads will help you reach most of the 35% of searchers who don’t use Google. Bing Ads search ads appear on Bing, Yahoo! and AOL. Your ads will appear primarily above or to the side of the organic search results. We are also experienced at running campaigns on Bing Ads, which display on Bing, Yahoo!, and AOL. Your campaign will be managed by a Bing Accredited Professional.

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Banner Ads (Internet Display Advertising)

Banner advertising will help grow your brand, but it can also drive immediate sales. Just like Search Engine Marketing, Banner ads can now be targeted to specific locations while reaching across many websites. We’ll select websites to target, set up the campaign, design the ads and manage all the details for you. Get your message across visually with banner ads.

Pay-per-Click Advertising on Other Sites

Pay-per-click targeted advertising campaigns are no longer limited to search engines. Our experience includes running campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn and Amazon. The pay-per-click model allows us to target only people who are good potential customers for you. Then you’ll only pay when one of them actually visits your website. It is one of the most cost effective ways of advertising your business, whether it is on a search engine or on a social media site.

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Benefits of Professional Pay Per Click Management

Professional Pay Per Click Management makes advertising on the search engines more effective, simpler and can even save you money.

  • Best Access to Keyword Data
  • Drives New Customers to Your Website
  • Drives Phone Calls to Your Business
  • Follows all Optimization Best Practices
  • Newest Features are Implemented Quickly
  • More Affordable Than Your Think – Management Starts at $95/month
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