Professional Google AdWords and Bing Ads Management

We’re different. We’re Transparent.

  • You own your AdWords or Bing Ads account and can have access to it.
  • You pay directly for your advertising and pay us for management.
  • We provide monthly reporting that can be customized to your needs.
  • You always know what you are paying for.

Why are these important?

Google AdWords and Bing Ads accounts are not something you want to keep starting over on. The account history provides a great deal of data that helps to optimize your account and make it perform the best it can. In fact, Google’s new terms of service regarding AdWords accounts require companies to release accounts to their customers because so many were holding all that data hostage. We’ve never worked like that.

If you are paying a flat rate for a monthly package, you may not know where your money is going. How much is being spent on the actual advertising and how much is being spent on management? You’ll pay Google or Bing directly for your advertising costs and we’ll bill you directly for management. Our monthly reports will detail exactly how much you spent on advertising. Don’t worry, we still work with regular monthly budgets. You just have more clarity on how much your advertising is costing vs. how much we are charging.

We send out monthly reports with clicks, impressions, costs, phone call tracking information and more. If you need something else to track how things are going, we’re happy to customize your monthly report.

We’re different. We’re Truly Small Business Friendly.

We’re a small business too. We understand that one-size-fits-all often doesn’t fit small businesses. That’s why instead of offering set packages, we work with you to set a budget that makes sense for you. Start with a monthly budget of as little as $200.

We don’t lock you into contracts. Every customer we have is month-to-month. Yet, on average, our clients have been working with us for years, not months. Our clients stay because we are helping them reach their advertising goals, not because they’ve got 17 months left on their contract.

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