Content Marketing

Content Marketing is providing answers to prospective customers. We do this by creating new web pages, blog posts, or downloads for your site. By discussing with you what types of questions customers ask and doing keyword and trend research, we can create helpful content. This not only helps provide more website visitors, but those visitors stay on your site longer. Even if they don’t end up purchasing from you, it helps your company become known as a trusted source and that helps push you up in search listings.

Blog and Article Writing

Whether you call it a blog post or an article, the idea is the same. You provide regular information about your company’s products, services or industry trends. These articles provide a number of benefits, from helping with Search Engine Optimization to developing a following among potential customers. They also provide great content to share across social media channels.

White Papers and other Downloadable Reports

Are you looking for someone to research and write compelling white papers that give prospects a reason to share their email address and nudge them closer to buying? We’ll research, write and deliver your white paper in PDF form for easy downloading from your website. We’ll also provide advice on whether to use white papers or downloads as bait to gather more email addresses or just to grab more search engine traffic.

Email, Social Media and More

Not all content has to be long winded to make a point. But writing short, effective messages can be more difficult than writing longer articles. We’ll craft messages that sell or help with other forms of content. A great photo or infographic can make an email memorable or a social media post worth sharing with friends. While social networks don’t always deliver a lot of website visits, an active social profile is known to provide a lift in SEO.