Directory Listings Management

Accurate listings of your business location, hours and other details are important for helping customers find you. Consistent directory listings also provide a trust signal that can help your website rank higher with the search engines.

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Managing Your Listings in General Directories

As part of our SEO services, we include directory listings on as many as 72 well-known and trusted directories. These include search engine directories, maps, apps and other directories that pull in local traffic. We build out as much information, including pictures, video and more that is updated across all those listings. This has been shown to increase views by 416% over incomplete listings.

  • Integrated Technology allows us to update in real time and across top business listings at the same time.
  • Review Monitoring giving you a chance to respond to your customers
  • Duplicate suppression available to avoid extra and incorrect listings.

Directory Listings Network 2016

Local and Niche Directory Listings

There are specialized directories for different business types. We manually build your listings with the best specialized directories for your type of business. We also work to put you in any important local directories.

Just One Part of Our SEO Services

Directory listings are important, but they are only one piece of the SEO puzzle. We use them as part of a wider SEO strategy that includes technical improvements to your website, content creation, social media promotion and more.

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