Let’s start out by taking a small step backward. You have to understand Pay Per Click before you can understand what Pay Per Click Management is.

What is Pay Per Click?

Let’s start with the basics. Pay Per Click (PPC) describes advertising on the Internet where you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

The largest player in this industry for years has been Google AdWords. Google AdWords offers two main types of pay per click advertising. The first is advertising on search results. These are the text ads you see at the top of most Google search results pages. Advertising on search results is also known as Search Engine Marketing, but this is the same thing as PPC. The text ads in the first 3-4 spots on the page are chosen in a competitive auction, but the advertiser only pays if their ad is selected by the viewer. Bing Ads is the main competitor to Google in the Search Engine Marketing type of PPC.

You can also have PPC with display ads. Google runs the Google Display Network across a host of large and small publishers’ websites. Not all display ads are PPC…but that is another discussion for another day.

Other sites have their own form of PPC ads available. Facebook is the largest, but LinkedIN and others also offer PPC advertising that is on their sites, rather than in search results or spread out across a large network of sites.

PPC Management

Ok. So now that you understand the basics of what Pay-Per-Click is, we can introduce the management aspect. Pay Per Click Management is simply professionally managing advertisers’ PPC accounts to best optimize their performance.

Pay Per Click Management Services can be the difference between success and failure in a Pay Per Click account. There are hundreds of decisions that have to be made with every pay per click account. Professional management services take all the guesswork out of setting up and optimizing your PPC accounts.

PPC Management is a fairly specialized service. There are some specialized agencies that handle very large clients (large companies spend millions each year on PPC advertising), but fewer that are both interested in and qualified to handle management for small and medium companies.

Is PPC Management Affordable?

Fees vary by management company, customer budgets and if the PPC campaigns are spread out over a number of services (like having AdWords, Bing Ads and Facebook accounts). For small accounts, we charge as little as $95/month for management. There are other costs, like account setup involved as well.

We’d argue that hiring the right PPC manager will save you much more than their services will cost. Mistakes clients make trying to manage their own PPC accounts can waste hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. The same can be said for companies that offer PPC services, but don’t really understand how to get the most out of their accounts.

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