Google is the search engine of choice for Americans. That’s one really good reason to manage Google AdWords Campaigns.

The biggest reason to use Google is the ability to reach a large volume of interested customers.  The Nielson Company’s August search engine data ranked Google #1 in the U.S. in searches.  Searches on Google accounted for 64.6% of the 10 billion + searches performed.  Yahoo was #2 with 16%.  Despite the recent hype, Bing and other Microsoft search engines were #3, at 10.7%.  See the release here.

Some quick math.  The Central Intelligence Agency estimates about 223 million Americans (73%) used the Internet last year.  At 6 billion + Google searches a month, the average American Internet user performs 1 Google search per day.  In York County, SC, (where we are located) there are probably over 4 million Google searches per month.  If .1% of those searches are for the product you sell, that is 4,000 potential customers per month.

But how many people you reach is just one measure of effective advertising. Unlike most advertising, Google ads reach only people who have indicated an interest in a product or service by running a keyword search.  Most businesses in the past understood the importance of being listed in the phone book and a search advertising campaign is just a modern version of reaching customers when they are looking for your goods or services.

Many small business owners have limited advertising budgets, so they need to be very efficient with the dollars they do have. With Google Adwords, you can pick a budget that you can afford and you can stop your campaign at anytime.

Why use us to manage your Google campaign, when you can sign up yourself? Clients who choose to have us manage their campaigns do so because they have limited time, and understand that experience counts when selecting keywords, bidding amounts, writing/creating ads, testing different ads, and tracking results.

Are you advertising with Google?  It’s easy when we set up and manage your campaign for you.  Contact us if you’d like to get started.

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