Google Display Network Ad Management

The original style of advertising on the web transformed into a targeted solution for branding or direct sales. Banner advertising on the Google Display network allows us to target your ads to customers on a wide-range of websites. Why lock yourself into one local news or niche publication website when we can reach customers as they surf local and national websites.

Banner Advertising Design

Award Winning Website Banner Design by The Mayoros Agency

Example of our Award Wining Banner Design

Our award-winning banner design will help your company stand out as customers visit their favorite websites across the Google Display network.

AdWords Display Campaign Setup and Management

We’ll work with you to develop a strategy, then deploy your banner ads across sites that fit your audience. These can be national, local, or niche sites, but your ads will only show to the geographical area you service. We block your ads from showing on a proprietary list of hundreds of sites we consider low quality. You can either pay-per-click or get the most exposure possible while paying per thousand times your ads are viewed. Costs can be as little as $1-$2/thousand times your ad shows up.

Our ongoing management services make sure your ad campaign is being worked on every month. We don’t just set it up and forget about it. Ongoing monthly management allows us to optimize your campaign based on analytics in the AdWords interface and from your website.

  • Implementation of new features that apply to your campaigns
  • Refining targeting
  • Strategic decisions making for your account
  • Blocking your ad from showing on sites that are not meeting performance standards

Remarketing to Your Website Visitors

Don’t let those valuable leads forget about you. Once you have a display ad campaign set up, we can also retarget your website visitors to remind them about you when they are surfing the web. Using data collected by your website, we can show your banner ads to past visitors when they are on sites or apps that are part of the Google Display Network.

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