There’s a lot of reasons to get away from Adobe Flash on your website these days. If your company has a website that is several years old, at least part of it may have been produced using Flash. But being a non-programmer, you might not even notice that your using Flash, unless you get warning messages on an Apple device (other than computers), or have been prompted to update your version of Flash Player when visiting your own website.

It’s not difficult to spot Flash on websites that use it extensively because when you enter the website it may give you a loading screen. Finding Flash being used in smaller doses, such as for a slide show, might take more than a basic visit to your website…but it won’t be that difficult.

In any web browser, there is an option to view the source code for the web page your on. This might be under a view menu, tools menu or the like. In Google Chrome, it is under developer tools in the View menu. For Safari, you have to open preferences and go to the “advanced” tab, then enable the develop menu. From the develop menu, you can view source. In Firefox you can find this under Tools, then Web Developer. In Internet Explorer, you can find this under the view menu, or in developer tools.

Once you’ve got the source code open (not exactly a pretty site) you can run a search on the page for .swf, which is the extension for Flash files. If you find some results, you’ve got Flash content.

Alternatively, you could load your site on an iPad and look for gray boxes where your photos or other content should be.

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